Three extracts from Tourism



This is where to kiss. This is the place to gently proffer the top lip, to curl the bottom lip open, and to close the pair of them around one of someone else's lips. Lean forward. Tilt the head. Close your eyes and open your mouth. Start slowly now. There's plenty of time for kissing 'round here. There's time to peck and nip and smooch and -- what the heck -- there's time to suck face, to immerse your tongue completely, to slide around the mouth nose chin on a slick of saliva. Hell, be delicate, be controlled. Be passionate. Be clumsy as a pup. Feel the easy accident of tooth against tooth. Be as accurate as an anteater. Smack those lips noisily. Kiss until your lips go completely numb. Kiss until you want to laugh at every flick of the tongue, at every gymnastic stretch. Kiss as you move to the bedroom and do not separate for a moment as you undress. Coat your unconscious with the twitching dream-kisses of your lover.


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