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Bernard Cohen is the author of:
The Antibiography of Robert F. Menzies (4th Estate, 2013),
Paul Needs Specs (Penguin Australia 2003; Kane/Miller USA 2004; Booxen Korea 2009),
Hardly Beach Weather (Flamingo, 2002),
Snowdome (Allen & Unwin, 1998),
The Blindman's Hat (Allen & Unwin, 1997 — winner of the 1996
Australian/Vogel Literary Award)
and Tourism (Picador, 1992).

Click here to go straight to Bernard's writing, including extracts from collaborative works Speedfactory and Foreign Logics.
Here is a picture of Salman Rushdie presenting Bernard with an Arts Council of England Writer's Award.
The Writing Workshop, which Bernard founded in 2006, has now worked with, taught, stretched and inspired over 30,000 young people. Please visit The Writing Workshop website for more info.