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Novel extracts

extracts from Tourism: Coolgardie -- This is where to kiss...

extract from The Blindman's Hat: My subbing gave [Newspaper] a modesty, an understatedness, a mild sense of retiring inferiority...

another: Muffy: Dust is like atmospheric art, temporary drawings on the sky...

extract from Snowdome: Tinnitus is the spirit of the age...

extract from Hardly Beach Weather: Maria is travelling lightly. This means she is bringing the same amount of stuff as usual, but is a relentlessly good mood.


Collaborative works

Foreign Logics (CD Rom by BC and David Bickerstaff): Dozens of day-trip US secret servicemen sitting around the Market Square gorge themselves on penne arabiata and pizza

Speedfactory (Collaborative email book by BC, John Kinsella, McKenzie Wark and Terri-ann White):



Copyright in the Age of Digital Reproduction: "One has to say that most lawyers are probably not au fait with the new reaction against Derrida's Deconstructivism. But these things have an influence because lawyers are confronted with certain things in real life." (interview with international copyright lawyer Thomas Dreier)

Writing the City: What are big cities made from? Noise, and hundreds of thousands of shallow relationships...
(article related to the writing of Snowdome, at the Ozlit website)

Cambodians in not-Australia: There are foreign people in Australia thinking foreign thoughts. Some are locked up in Villawood, at the detention centre...
(essay about Australia's detention of asylum-seekers)

Race and Politics in Australia: When John Howard's Liberal Party won the 1996 election, Howard promised that he would lead the government "for all Australians"...
(How John Howard used the politics of race to win the 1996 Australian federal election.)



America: In Minneapolis the water tastes of chlorine, bleached out...
(link to poem at John Tranter's Jacket e-magazine: "International poetry and prose from Sydney, Australia")

One for the Prince: A madboy fired a popgun at a prince...
(link to poem at NZ magazine Trout)


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